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  • Jon Bendz  and Tim Tomchak have been friends for sixty years. They met in the third grade of Catholic school. The two boys bullied each other, and eventually became best friends.

  • Jon Bendz spent six years of his life hand-crafting his fifty three foot yacht, The Sundowner. When he finally launched the boat, he had never sailed before in his life.
  • Tim Tomchak admitted during the interview that Jon Bendz might be an accomplished and ambitious man, but he could always kick his butt, no matter what.
  • Steve Christolos and  Alan Wigley were ready to finish their documentary, until one day, Jon remembered that incredibly rare archival footage existed. The addition of the new footage motivated them to re-cut the entire film. 
  • Jon loves Leonard Cohen and has followed his poetry and music for years.
  • Jon worked on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline as a young civil engineer. 
  • The Sundowner began as a student project, and evolved over two years into the debut short film of Steve Christolos and Alan Wigley. It was cut entirely on a Macbook, and financed completely out of pocket.

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