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SteveSTEVE CHRISTOLOS, Director / Editor

Steve Christolos was born and raised in the Northern California Bay Area. Steve fell in love with film after growing up watching inspirational films, such as Herzog's Aguirre The Wrath of God, Dreyer's Passion of Joan of Arc, and Scorsese's Raging Bull. He pursued a Bachelors degree in film at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, with an emphasis on editing. There, Steve had several important student/mentor relationships, ultimately helping him to discover his passion for the documentary genre. After winning "Best Documentary" at the university's 2009 Epidemic film festival, Steve wished to continue working on his student documentary, The Sundowner. After careful consideration, and the urging of Diane Baker, the university's Director of Motion Pictures and Television, Steve made the decision to forgo film school, providing him the opportunity to give full attention to his debut documentary.


AlanALAN WIGLEY, Producer

Alan Wigley was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, and grew up on the south coast of England. When his family migrated to Pleasanton, California in 1996, Alan's interest in filmmaking quickly turned to a growing passion, and participated in the production of several short films. After spending two years in Singapore, Alan came back to California and finished high school, writing and editing for the school newspaper in the process, before taking video production classes at Ohlone College in Fremont, CA, where he made a short documentary on a Bay Area Latin-Rock band by the name of La Ventana. Alan has since moved on to pursue his Bachelors degree in film from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. His emphases are writing and producing, but documentaries continue to dominate his goals and aspirations. Alan came aboard The Sundowner in the early months of 2008, to produce alongside Steve.


BethBETH PROUTY, Co-Producer

Knowing she was raised just outside Los Angeles with a passionate AMPAS archivist for a father, you'd think it would have taken no time at all for Beth to become involved in film.  To the contrary, she did her best to avoid the medium even as her appreciation of it increased.  Her attempts at distraction included everything from studying alternate history literature at UC Berkeley (where she received her B.A.) to managing a private investigations company - not to mention part-time stints in knife sales, band management, creative writing.  Somewhere in there she found time to explore the therapeutic aspects of all arts and storytelling during her recovery from an ischemic stroke at age twenty.

Post-college, and post-office job, Beth's wandering professional eye settled on "The Sundowner."  Although the documentary was already more than halfway through its production, Beth was hooked on both its story and the process of its creation.  There was no turning back: filmmaking had officially caught up with her.  Despite a lack of formal training or study in the field of cinema, Beth's experiences with the interesting and the absurd had prepared her for the challenge of co-producing "The Sundowner" during its final stages.  She looks forward to a future creating more of the first thing that ever truly inspired her: a good story, told well, on a big screen.



Celtic / Classical Crossover / World Music Composer, Singer / Songwriter, and instrumentalist Chris Waltz composes and performs an eclectic blend of Celtic, Folk, Gypsy, Spanish- Flamenco, Classical Crossover and period film score style music.

Waltz has studied Voice at the Pease Conservatory of Music and Music at Sacramento City College. Chris has performed at churches, festivals, concert and folk venues all over the country. Waltz was a member of the Sacramento Opera Chorus during the 2007-2008 season. Chris has opened for or performed with the Irish Super Dervish, Virtuoso Bouzouki player/Celtic Composer Roger Landes, and Legendary Singer / Songwriter Tish Hinajosha. Waltz has collaborated with the world renowned former Cirque du Soleil choreographer and creator/choreographer of the horse show called Cavalia Alain Gauthier.

Waltz can be seen performing as a solo Folksinger, with his Celtic World Music Group Amarin and with the Celtic Twilight Traditional Irish Music and Dance show that he created, produced and directed.

He came aboard to score "The Sundowner" in August, 2009.


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